Aeotec ZWA022 Illumino Wallmote 7

AeotecSKU: ZWA022-A



The Aeotec Wallmote 7 lets you add control wherever you need it, without worrying about wires.  Wallmote 7 is a battery-operated remote switch that looks just like a wall switch.  It can be mounted by tape or in a standard wall box.

  • Control ZWave devices or scenes
  • Mount to a wall or wall box
  • Magnetic mount is secure yet makes it easily removable to use as a handheld remote
  • No wiring!

Wallmote 7 is a ZWave Plus Gen 7 device that's programmed using your compatible ZWave Hub to control a single wired switch, dimmer or lighting scene.  Get creative and have your hub trigger Sonos or Hue events or curtains.

Attach Wallmote to a wall and use it to create virtual 3-way lighting control at the other entrance of a room or end of a stairwell.  Or keep it near the bed or couch to control lights at the press of a button.  In fact, since it attaches to the mounting plate using magnetic technology, it can be wall-mounted and also removed as needed to be used as a handheld remote.

NOTE:  WallMote 7 is completely wire-free so it does not directly control a light/load.  It controls another Zwave device/group.scene using ZWave.  It needs a ZWave hub to be added to the network and scene/association.

ZWA022 Wallmote 7 Features:

  • Can be directly wall mounted by two-way tape, screws or included in a gang box
  • Remote can be removed from the wall at any time as it is magnetically mounted
  • Includes wall plate, screw plate, face plate, screws, double-sided tape
  • Can control ZWave dimmers or switches, groups, or scenes
  • Requires compatible Zwave Hub such as Aeotec/Smartthings, HomeSeer
  • ZWave series 700
  • Supports S2 Security, SmartStart
  • Supports tap, press and hold, 2x tap, 3x tap, 4x tap 5x tap
  • operates using 2 x 3V CR2032 batteries
  • Operating temp 0-40C, meant for indoor use

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