Aeotec Zwave Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro

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The Aeotec ZWave Plus 700 Series Door and Window Sensor 7 Pro is a discreet but powerful way to be in the know about the status of your home's doors and windows.

New and Improved

Not only does this device sends alerts faster and has a better range than other versions of this product, but it's also 40% smaller than previous generations. 

Useful Features

This sensor can detect when a door or window is open when it's not supposed to be and reports the status to your ZWave hub. It can also trigger other features like shutting off your AC if a window is left open- saving you money. 

The 3-year battery life, dry contact sensor and tilt functionality make this the optimal product for your smart home needs.

Note: a ZWave gateway controller is needed to use this product. Purchase separately. This is also an indoor-only product.

Aeotec ZWA012 features:

  • Can detect the open/close status of applied windows and doors and reports to ZWave Hub or send notifications to your smartphone
  • Can work with S2 Security and SmartStart if your hub supports those features
  • Works up to 130 feet indoors
  • The updated chip allows for quicker alerts and better range within your home
  • Discreet size (0.75" x 2.8" x 0.7") is 40% smaller than previous versions
  • Quick installation- stick it to the frame with 2 included magnets and go 
  • Extra features include the ability to turn off AC if a window is open, a dry contact sensor for functionality, and a tilt sensor which would work well for a garage door
  • Manufacturer's warranty

Works with:

  • Domoticz 
  • Home Assistant
  • Habitat
  • openHAB
  • ISY
  • SmartThings Hub 
  • VeraEdge Z-Wave Gateway Controller 
  • VeraPlus Z-Wave Plus Advanced Home Controller 
  • VeraSecure Z-Wave Plus Advanced Home Security Controller

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