WaterCop ZWave Water Shut Off Valve Actuator




WaterCop ZWACT ZWave Water Shut Off Valve Actuator

The WaterCop ZWave water shut off valve actuator works with ZWave smart home systems, smart hubs and select security systems like alarm.com to enable local and remote control of the water supply. The water valve can be opened or closed using your smart hub's app.

Better yet, add ZWave water sensors and automatically shut off the water supply when a water leak is detected. Common sources of water leaks and flooding are hot water tanks, toilets, washing machines, dish washers and water dispensers.

The WaterCop ZWave actuator houses the ZWave electronics, and requires your choice of WaterCop valves from 1/2" to 1 1/4".

We are aware of several sellers of low cost ZWACT actuators at unbelievable prices. Those cheap versions are old clearance stock without warranty and with old firmware that is not compatible with newer automation systems or alarm.com systems.

How to Build a WaterCop ZWave Water Shut-Off System

1. You'll need the WaterCop ZWave actuator (this part - ZWACT)

2. Select the style and size of valve.

WaterCop builder valves have a removable handle so they can be installed by the plumber and when it's time to install the WaterCop actuator, the handle is removed.

WaterCop ready (standard) valves don't have a handle so the actuator must be installed immediately for the valve to be used.

3. Add WaterCop ZWave Wireless Water and Temperature Sensors

4. Connect to your ZWave enabled smart home hub. *Please check that your smart hub supports WaterCop Zwave water valves and sensors before you purchase

Valve sizes:


WaterCop ZWACT ZWave Water Valve Features

  • ZWave enabled for use with a smart home or ZWave enabled alarm system
  • Works with WaterCop ready and WaterCop builder valves
  • Valve sizes supported: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4"
  • Valves sold separately
  • Includes plug-in power supply

You will need to add a valve, sensors, accessories to complete the system.

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