Door Alarms

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Door alarms can be used as both exit and entrance alarms. There are a wide variety of different types of door alarm systems to choose from, with each being useful for different circumstances.

The most common use of door and exit alarms is to alert homeowners or would-be victims of potential intruders. The number and type of alarms you will need is entirely up to you. Many shop owners choose to have only one or two alarms. Often a store owner will use a door sensor on both the front door to alert them of customers arriving and use a second sensor in the receiving area to alert them of couriers or other parcels arriving.

Wired and wireless door alarms alert you to customers or couriers entering your store or warehouse area. Use these retail door alarms in all types of applications; storefront entrances, back rooms, courier entrances, etc.  We have both wired and wireless door alarms as well as infrared and magnetic door switch models.

Door alarms are also a crucial part of any home security system.  Some of the most important points of entry to your home which you need to protect are your front door and back door, as well as the door into your home from the garage. Garages can be mistakenly overlooked when you initially set up your home security, but they can then offer easy access into your home.

Whether you want to be notified of arriving customers, couriers, visitors or intruders, door alarms on your entries and exits are always the first line of defense and/or awareness.