ELK 6050 Smoke Detector
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ELK 6050 Sound All Smoke Detector

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    EK-6050 Sound All Smoke Detector - Description

    The ELK 6050 wireless smoke detector communicates with the ELK M1XRFTW wireless transceiver. The ELK 6050 has a built-in sounder and all ELK 6050 smoke detectors feature "Sound All" activation technology, meaning all 6050 sensors enrolled with the M1 can activate their sounder when any 6050 is tripped. The sensor uses photoelectric smoke detection but will also alarm if the temperature reaches 135F or if a "rapid rate of rise" of temperature is detected.

    EK-6050 Sound All Smoke Detector - Specifications

    • Compatible with ELK-M1XRFTW two-way wireless transceiver
    • Ability to activate built-in sounder of all enrolled ELK-6050 smoke detectors
    • Photoelectric Smoke Detection
    • Rapid “rate-of-rise” temperature detection
    • Fixed temperature(135° F) heat detection
    • Size: 5.6”W x 2.4”H
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