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Optex LX-402/LX802N Outdoor Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

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    Optex LX402N/LX802N Outdoor Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

    The Optex LX-402 and LX-802N are weatherproof devices that can monitor in different patterns. For example:

    - The LX-402 (standard model) has a 40'x50' (120°) detection pattern.
    - The LX-802N (long-range model) has an 80'x6' detection pattern.

    These detectors feature special UV resistant lenses and casings for outdoor use. LX Detectors also feature an easy Pet Alley adjustment, selectable sensitivity and pulse count, extra strong sunlight & RFI immunity, built-in photocell, and form C relay output. Compatible with the optional CA-1W multi-angle wall bracket (not included)

     Optex Outdoor Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Specifications

    • Selectable Detection Pattern (Multi Level or Pet Alley)
    • Selectable Sensitivity : High, Medium or Low
    • Selectable Pulse Count
    • Day-Night Mode
    • Form C Relay Output
    • IP Rating 54
    • Easy Wiring

    Optex Outdoor Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Includes

    • 1 x LX-402 Optex Infrared Alert with area masking stripes
    • or
    • 1 x LX-802N Optex Infrared Alert
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