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Optex Wireless Door Switch with Portable Chime

  • Description

    Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - Description

    Merging together two of our finest Optex products, the TC10 Door Switch and the RC20U Chime Receiver combine efforts to alert you of incoming visitors. Easy to install and ready for immediate use, these products grant you multiple uses thanks to their compatibility with all other Optex Driveway Alarm products! After being attached to your door, the TC10 switch uses its wireless transmitter to trigger a signal to be sent to the RC20 Chime, notifying you of the arrival of friends, family or customers!

    Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - Specifications

    • Dry Contact Inputs
    • Wireless Range of 700 feet
    • Fits inside the battery compartment of Optex Sensors
    • Can also work as a door or window sensor
    • Can also be triggered by a NC Relay

    RC-20U Chime Specifications

    • Power Source - 9VDC Power Adapter (included)
    • Chime Tones - 3 Tones and one "Latching" alarm
    • Volume: Adjustable: 0~80dB/5 levels (Continuous zone: max.)
    • Relay Rating: 50V AC 1A max or 24V DC 1A max.
    • Output Timer: Selectable: off/1/5/30/60sec/utility output mode
    • Radio Frequency: 418MHz
    • Operating Temperature: 15°F~204°F (-20°C~+40°C)
    • Maximum Number of Transmitters: 15°F~204°F (-20°C~+40°C)

    Optex Wireless Door Switch with Chime - Included

    • 1 - Optex RC-20U
    • 1 - Power Supply for RC-20U Chime
    • 1 - Optex TC10U
  • Reviews



    Easy to install

    Used in a retail environment,front door actually.Great little alert system for the money, just wish it was a little louder. They are not designed to function in hot,steamy places which is what this business is so we located the alarm in a seperate area 20ft. from where we wanted it to go, but still pleased. Would recommend.

    works well

    We installed this door chime on our back door leading to our pool....this works great and lets us know when some one has entered the pool area. There is a 2-3 second delay before the receiver chimes.
  • Details


    Current Stock:
    Wired or Wireless: Wireless
    Sensor Type: Magnetic Door Switch
    Wireless Range: 700 Feet
    Relay Output: Form C (N.O and N.C)
    Special: Wireless Repeater Available
  • Warranty


    Two Years