Server Room and Data Center Monitoring

Server rooms and data centers contain critical equipment that must be maintained in the correct operating environment for peak performance and reliability.  Physical security is also paramount.  Monitor temperature, humidity, power failure and security and receive an alarm by email or text message in case of any trouble.

Our data center and server room remote monitoring solutions can monitor, log and create alarms based on:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Security sensors
  • Unauthorized access
  • Water or flood

According to a survey by the Yankee Group, almost half of the corporations researched put their downtime costs at upwards of

$1,000 per hour. with nine percent estimating costs up to or more than $50,000 an hour!

Sensaphone IMS Alarm and Data Logging

These monitoring systems will protect your data center or computer room with logging and alerts  The IMS-4000 can monitor your entire infrastructure!

Sensaphone IMS-1000 Environmental and IP Monitor

All of the sensors for the IMS-1000 use standard computer cat5e/cat6 cables with RJ45 connectors. Just plug one end at the IMS1000 and the other end at the sensor and you're done. The sensors are automatically detected by the 1000 and self-configured. There are no screw terminals to deal with and no wire stripping to worry about. Just plug and go.

Once connected, the IMS-1000 will automatically recognize the type of sensor installed and configure it for you, using a standard template that you can modify. Because the IMS-1000 supplies power and configuration data for each sensor, the IMS-1000 can detect faults with your sensors: If there’s a cable disruption or your sensor is accidentally unplugged, you will know it.

Each IMS Host or Node attaches to your Ethernet network via the IMS Network Interface for monitoring of your network equipment.

The New IMS-1000 offers web-based monitoring for everyone

Sensaphone's latest development, the IMS-1000, provides a flexible, web-based monitoring system for many applications. It connects to any Ethernet network and has a built in web server for viewing status, making programming changes, and reviewing data log history. Up to eight sensors can be connected to monitor a wide variety of conditions including temperature, humidity, physical security, smoke, fire, power, etc. The IMS 1000 is perfect for cold storage applications and even accepts a new –85 Deg C temperatures sensor. It also includes one relay output to switch a local device on or off depending on alarm activity. Power failure monitoring is built-in along with a rechargeable battery backup.

Alarm notification is delivered by sending e-mail messages and text messages. An upgrade is available to also include a telephone connection that adds custom voice alarm phone calls. With the phone option, users can also call in for a voice status just like most other Sensaphone products.

If the IMS-1000 is going to be used in a computer room, additional computer room features are also built-in. IP device monitoring is included to monitor the proper functioning of the servers on your network. Alarms can also be sent via SNMP traps, and all programming parameters are accessible through the IMS-1000 SNMP agent.

Easy Programming: A simple fill in the blank web page is provided for all of your detailed programming of the IMS-1000. It only takes a few minutes to type in the monitoring parameters and contact methods

Easy Status View: The single click web summary provides a quick summary of all your monitored conditions. Go to the web page and check the summary as often as you like to verify that everything is okay.

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Sensaphone IMS-4000 Environmental



Introducing the Sensaphone IMS-4000, a stand-alone infrastructure monitoring system with integrated voice and modem, internal UPS, flash-disk storage, and a web server, in a simple-to-install 1U-rack mount device. From the wide array of its plug-and-play monitoring devices to its sophisticated software, the IMS-4000 is the complete, flexible, integrated system.

The Sensaphone IMS 4000 System provides complete monitoring for your computer facility or data center. Monitor environmental conditions such as Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Doors, Motion, Water, Intrusion, and Power Failure with the IMS-4000. When a sensor exceeds the threshold you are notified about the condition.

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