Aeotec Zwave Multisensor 7 Motion, Temperature, Light, Humidity

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With the Aeotec ZWA024 ZWave Plus MultiSensor 7, you can be in the know and catch almost every detail in a room. This sensor offers the detection of motion, vibration, temperature, humidity, ambient light levels, and UV levels. It can detect all of that within a 33-foot area and send that info to your ZWave controller. It is compatible with all major ZWave hubs and controllers. ZWA024 is the newer version of the ever-popular ZW100. This sensor can be programmed to inform you when a certain threshold is met or provide real-time info when you check in on your mobile device. For convenience, it is powered by either a USB connection or 2 CR123A batteries. 



The sensor can detect motion up to 33 feet, and with 120 degrees of motion, the sensor can detect just about any activity in a standard room. 


Vibration sensing helps detect tampering, nearby footsteps, collisions, or even earthquakes. 


ZWA024 can measure temperatures between -10° to 50°C and reports real-time temperatures. It can send an alert when it detects sudden changes. 


The sensor can measure the room's humidity level from 20% to 90%.

Ambient Light

It can detect ambient light levels ranging from 0 lux to 30,000 lux. With this feature, you can easily program ZWave lights and curtains to create the perfect lighting situation regardless of the time. 

UV Light

The sensor can measure the room's UV level according to the World Health Organization's 0-11 UV Index so that you can monitor for unique health risks and possible causes of property damage. This includes things like eye damage and furniture bleaching. 


A handy mounting arm is included with the sensor to allow installation on a wall or in a corner with extra freedom to adjust as needed. The mounting arm allows the sensor to rotate up to 360° and adjusts the field of view up to 50°. 

Aeotec ZWA024 ZWave Plus MultiSensor 7 features:

  • Replaces previous model ZW100
  • Z-Wave Plus detects motion, vibration, temperature, humidity, ambient light, UV light
  • Detects motion up to 33ft (10m)
  • Reports temperatures within ±1.8°F (±1°C) accuracy
  • Reports humidity within 5% accuracy, 
  • Measures accurate ambient light and UV light levels
  • Powered by either a USB connection or 2 CR123A batteries
  • Includes a mounting arm for installation on a wall or in a corner

Product includes:

  • MultiSensor
  • Battery Cover
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • (2) Screws
  • Back Arm Mount
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Start Guide

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