DSC Wired Dual Tech Outdoor Motion Sensor, Pet Immune




DSC Wired Dual Tech Outdoor Motion Sensor, Pet Immune

The LC151 is an outdoor ready combination microwave and PIR motion senor with built in pet immunity up to 80 LBS. It works with DSC PowerSeries such as PC1616, PC1832, PC1864 based alarms. The LC151 has an IP65 rating allowing it to be used outdoors rain or shine. It features a sensitivity adjustment and micro-controller processing for accurate reporting.

LC151 Motion Sensor Features

  • Pet immune to 15kg (33lb) using standard lens
  • Outdoor rated IP65
  • On board Form C (NO and NC relay, Tamper switch)
  • Operating voltage 9.6 to 16VDC
  • Operating temperature range -35ºC - +55ºC (-31F - 131F)

LC151 Motion Sensor Includes

  • 1 x LC151 Dual Motion Sensor


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