Sensaphone EMS7600 Stratus EMS Monitoring System

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Sensaphone EMS7600 Stratus EMS Remote Monitoring and Alarm System

Sensaphone's Stratus EMS is a powerful multi-sensor remote monitoring, data logging and reporting solution for data centers, network operations centers or corporate systems.

Stratus EMS has 12 on board universal digital/analog inputs supporting dry contact, 2.8K, 10K and 4-20mA sensors.

The EMS-7600 also has 2 on board relays for automatic or manual triggers.

Stratus EMS supports up to 64 Modbus registers over RTU/485 or TCP allowing it to integrate with building automation systems, some UPS systems and more.

This data is logged to the Sensaphone cloud for reporting purposes. Alarms / alerts can be set up to send notifications if any of the monitored data/systems exceed set thresholds.

Alerts can be sent to one or more users by email, SMS text message or even voice phone calls. The cloud service supports multiple users with alerts sent to different users based on which input is triggered, time of day, and backup contacts can also be created.

Users can also use a web interface or smart phone apps to monitor and view status.

The Stratus EMS is expandable by adding additional units, or even using Sensaphone WEB600 or WSG30 as expansion modules.

If you prefer to use cellular communication so you're not relying on the same network you're monitoring - or for security reasons - an external cellular adapter is also available.

An optional EMS7600-LCD can provide local display.

Note: Stratus EMS requires a subscription to the Sensaphone cloud.

Sensaphone Stratus EMS 7600 Features:

  • Monitors critical conditions
  • Logs Data to Sensaphone Cloud automatically with limitless storage
  • On board local storage in case of temporary cloud disconnect
  • Web interface and smart phone apps
  • Alarms / Alerts via email, SMS text message or voice phone calls (from Sentinel cloud, no phone line required)
  • 12 on board universal inputs for digital or analog
  • Inputs support contact, 2.8K, 10K, 4-20mA sensors from Sensaphone or other manufacturers
  • Modbus RTU/485 and TCP support of up to 64 registers
  • Supports a huge array of Sensaphone sensors
  • Works with many IDF, PDU, UPS and Building Automation systems
  • 2 relay outputs for automatic or manual switching
  • On board battery provides up to 30 hours of backup
  • 1U Rack Mount
  • API available supporting JSON, HTTPS, POST, REST
  • Can use WEB600 and WSG30 as expansion modules

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