WaterCop WCDR Classic Sensor Repeater
WaterCop by Dynaquip

WaterCop WCDR Classic Sensor Repeater

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    WCDR WaterCop Classic Sensor Repeater

    Increase the range of your WaterCop sensors with the WCDR sensor repeater.

    In some homes or business installations, the WaterCop valve may be too far away from wireless sensors to reliably receive the radio signal. The sensor repeater re-transmits wireless signals from your flood and temperature sensors to the WaterCop valve. Multiple sensor repeaters can be used together to cover large areas in expansive homes and buildings.

    WCDR is compatible with previous generation WaterCop Classic Sensors (WH100, WH200, FH100) and newly designed Classic Sensors (WCDFS1, WCDFS2, WCDFST).

    The sensor repeater runs on 110VAC power. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be added to keep running in the event of a power outage. Use of a surge protection device is also highly recommended.

    This newly redesigned model replacing the WC-WHX1 features a compact design which now houses the antenna internally.

    WaterCop WCDR Classic Sensor Repeater Specifications

    • Uses radio frequency to communicate with sensors and valve
    • Runs on 110VAC power
    • Multiple repeaters can be used together
    • Compact design with internal antenna
    • FCC Certified

    WaterCop WCDR Repeater Includes

    • 1 x WaterCop Classic Sensor Repeater
    • 1 x AC Adapter

    WC-WCDR WaterCop Classic Sensor Repeater

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