Wireless Intercoms

Wireless intercoms are fast and easy to install, offering placement flexibility since no wires need to be run from one unit to another.  We have a selection of indoor wireless intercoms, long range intercom and doorbell styles that can be used in your home and business.  Generally speaking wireless intercom systems are typically aimed at residential, cottage or small business applications.

For construction sites, roaming security guards or outdoor workers, the Dakota MURS M538HT portable and M538BS desktop base stations provide very long wireless range.  Multiple base stations and portable intercoms may be used together so everyone can keep in touch.  The Dakota MURS system can also be used with motion sensor or vehicle probe sensors to send alerts to family or staff when motion is sensed or a vehicle enters the property.

For doctors offices and other small business offices, our indoor Digital Wireless Intercom stations can be used to let a receptionist contact inside workers or doctors.  They can also be used as a paging system to announce patients to the correct waiting room.  These wire free intercoms can support multiple desktop or wall mount, and portable intercoms as needed.

At home, family members can keep in touch from room to room, floor to floor, or from the house to the garage or work shop.  Stop yelling or running around to call everyone for dinner - instead you'll be able to make a quick announcement on all the stations at once.  Since no wiring is required, just plug them in where you need them, in the kitchen, kids rooms, master bedroom, media room, basement or shop.

If you're not sure which system will work for you, or you have any questions, please send us an email, chat or give us a call and we'll help you select the pieces you need.