ZWave Water Sensors & Valves

ZWave Water Sensors and Valves


Add a ZWave water valve to your smart home automation system and you'll be able to turn off the water supply using your smart phone app, on a schedule or based on your choice of triggers.  Most smart home hubs like SmartThings, Vera or Hometroller support ZWave water valves.

Add ZWave water sensors to your smart home hub and have it send you an email or text alert when leaks or water are detected.

Better yet, add ZWave water sensors and a ZWave water valve and let the system automatically shut off your water supply when a water leak is detected.  Add a sensor near the hot water tank, washing machine, dish washer, sinks, toilets or water dispensers.

Using ZWave water sensors and valves you'll be able to protect your home, cottage or business from costly water damage and prevent the destruction of memorabilia that simply can't be replaced at any cost.