Dakota Alert has released their new pager for the 4000 series of driveway and motion alarms.  The new Dakota PR4000 works with any of the 4000 series wireless transmitters and allows the user to be notified while they roam around their home or property.

Dakota PR4000

The Dakota Alert 4000 Series includes  push button transmitters, motion sensors, driveway vehicle probes and break beam sensor for property security.

The PR4000 could also be used in a store environment to let staff know when a customer comes in to the drive thru or store entrance, making it great for service businesses.

The PR4000 receives and stores alerts from up to 16 different Dakota 4000 series transmitters.  The built in LCD screen displays which zone is triggered with a time and date stamp.  It can sound an audible alert or trigger a vibrating alert.   

The portable receiver is powered by a rechargeable battery (included) that is recharged using the included power supply.  The battery can last up to a week depending on conditions and number of triggers.

Dakota pr4000Pr4000