Driveway Alarms – An Essential Part of Rural Home Security


If you have a large rural property, a driveway alarm provides the first level of protection for your family and can work in conjunction with your home security system to give you peace of mind knowing your property is protected. A driveway alarm provides an alert when a vehicle, person, or even an animal enters your property, allowing you to react accordingly. Because you can't have eyes on all parts of your rural property all the time, a driveway alarm is an essential part of your home security system and ensures that you know who is on your property at all times.


How Does a Driveway Alarm Work?


A driveway alarm is a home security device that alerts you when a vehicle or person enters your driveway. A driveway alarm system always includes two parts: a sensor and a receiver. Wireless systems also include a transmitter. The sensor is placed at the start of the driveway. When someone passes in front of it, the sensor will send a signal to the receiver in the house. If you have a wireless system, the signal is sent via the transmitter. The receiver will then alert you to the vehicle on your property using a chime or other sound.


It is absolutely possible to get an independent driveway alarm. Still, if you have a rural property, you may be interested in setting up your driveway alarm as part of a multi-faceted system that covers your entire property. A driveway alarm can be integrated with your home security system, automated light controls, and other smart home systems. In this way, a driveway alarm is a vital component of your home security system.


The Benefits of Driveway Alarms for Rural Home


Because a rural home often has a long driveway, there are even more benefits to having a driveway alarm than if you are an urban or suburban dweller. A driveway alarm can go a long way to ensuring that the perimeter of your home is protected and has several other benefits:


  • Prevents unwanted intruders on your property. You can prevent anyone from entering your property that is not meant to be there. A driveway alarm can even detect animals, so you can deal with any and every intruder and keep your family safe.


  • Easily integrates with other security devices on your property, giving you a full view of security on your property. When combined with other motion sensors in your home and on your property, a driveway alarm system will give you a full view of your property while offering complete peace of mind.


  • Cost-effective security option. A wide range of driveway alarms is available to suit nearly any budget. If you have no security system in place because of the cost of the products or a monthly subscription, then a simple driveway alarm with a one-time payment may be a cost-effective investment that can help you feel safer in your home.


  • Typically requires a very simple installation. If you are inexperienced with installations, there is no need to worry because installing a driveway alarm is straightforward. Each product comes with detailed setup instructions and is usually ready to go in a matter of minutes.


  • May increase the resale value of your home. If you decide to move in the future, having a driveway alarm listed as one of the features of your property could increase its value and get you a higher offer.


  • Can be used for more than just the driveway. Driveway alarm systems are versatile and can be installed in more areas than the driveway. Sensors can be installed in your backyard, garage, and other locations. It simply comes down to where you need eyes on your property.


Choosing the Best Driveway Alarm for Your Rural Property


It can be daunting to choose a driveway alarm because of all of the information out there. To determine the best driveway alarm, you need to consider your property carefully and what you need from your driveway alarm. First, choose the type of sensor that you need:


Motion SensorAlso called a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR), this type of sensor will detect any motion in its range. This can include vehicles, people, and animals. A motion sensor is the most common because it is affordable and easy to install.


Magnetic Vehicle SensorThis type of sensor detects changes in the magnetic field around it due to moving vehicles. It can also pick up smaller metal objects like bicycles. They are typically placed alongside or beneath a driveway.


Rubber Hose SensorThis type of sensor is very easy to install because it simply lays across the driveway and detects moving air caused by vehicles driving over it. However, it is easier to damage if certain types of vehicles like a snowplow drives over it and will need extra care.


Break Beam SensorAlso called a Photo Beam Sensor, this type of sensor uses beams aimed at a receiver and will transmit a signal when a beam is broken by something moving in its range. This can include vehicles, people, and large animals.


You also need to choose between a wired system and a wireless system. A hard-wired driveway alarm system is most practical because there is no danger of interference, and it doesn't require batteries. However, a wireless driveway alarm system will be more practical if you have a large property. A wireless motion sensor system is typically the driveway alarm system that most customers choose.


A driveway alarm system is vital for preventing unwanted intruders, knowing who is coming up your driveway, and overall maintaining perimeter security of your rural property. If you are looking for a comprehensive driveway alarm system, the team at Absolute Automation would be happy to help you determine the best product for your rural property. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a driveway alarm and help keep your family and property safe.