Freezer & Refrigeration Monitoring

Highly variable conditions such as light, temperature, and vibration present considerable exposure, with producers, manufacturers, transportation companies, retailers, and end users like hospitals and laboratories most at risk. When unplanned temperature fluctuations happen, the potential costs can run high enough for the business itself to fail. Among the potential costs of excessively high or low temperatures are:

  • The cost of the product itself, which could be damaged or spoiled
  • The expense of cleanup in the event of leaks or spoilage
  • Data loss, if the malfunction is at a data storage facility
  • The time needed to restart production processes
  • Equipment repair or replacement costs
  • Costs involved with delivery delays, especially if a failure occurs at a critical point in the supply chain or your business is part of a just-in-time supply chain
  • Increased insurance premiums if a claim needs to be made
  • The safety and health of livestock and other animals
  • The safety and well-being of end users in the case of food products and pharmaceuticals, as well as medical applications such as the transportation of human organs, fluids, and laboratory samples
  • The safety and well-being of staff at your facility
  • Fines and potential legal action in the event of compliance failures
  • Potential lawsuits by clients or end users if harm results
  • Loss of rental income
  • Trust in your company as a reliable, safe supplier or provider

Beyond the risk to your business’s bottom line, refrigeration and freezer malfunctions tie into broader concerns.

  • The maintenance of the global food chain is more crucial now than ever. We’ve seen how easily it can be disrupted and witnessed the severity of the downstream effects all the way along the delivery network.
  • The transportation of pharmaceuticals often depends on them being kept at a consistent temperature from the manufacturing facility to the end of the cold chain. Some vaccines, for example, must be kept at a specific temperature to be effective; any variation renders them ineffective. Human tissue and organs destined for transplantation are equally sensitive.
  • When data storage hardware fails, data may be lost or compromised. In our interconnected world, this equipment doesn’t just process isolated pieces of information: multiple concerns may be affected, and millions of individuals and organizations could face losses of their own, for which the organization responsible for the failure will ultimately be responsible.
  • Working in extreme heat or extreme cold presents serious risks to staff. Failing to protect them jeopardizes the stability of your workforce and reflects poorly on your organization and its human resources practices. The treatment of animals is similarly concerning for many segments of the broader population.

Minimizing Your Risk

When disaster strikes, it doesn’t send out an announcement in advance. Proactive measures are the best way to prepare for the unexpected and mitigate your losses. A reliable monitoring system helps you control temperature-related risks, whether your business is a poultry farm, a vaccine manufacturing facility, or an apartment complex.

Fortunately, the field of monitoring technology is continually advancing, and the devices we have today make it possible to remotely monitor and adjust the temperature of any contained environment. The right equipment can reduce your exposure and give you peace of mind that this environmental factor is under control.

Choosing a Refrigeration or Freezer Monitoring System

Some businesses need high-end refrigeration that meticulously maintains a specific temperature along a long and complex cold chain. Others have greater flexibility and a less complex delivery network. Balancing your needs with your budget isn’t easy, especially when there’s a lot at stake. Some key considerations when you’re evaluating and sourcing equipment:

  • Which specific risks are you most vulnerable to? Think “worst case scenario” here.
  • What are the relevant regulatory factors that pertain to your industry? Which regulatory bodies (FDA, CDC, OSHA, etc.) are involved in monitoring your type of business? Do those agencies have a reporting requirement? What type of data are you expected to report, and how often? Can you collect and report this data yourself, or will you need a monitoring system that collects it for you?
  • Are you or your coworkers/staff on-site at the facility, or will you need remote monitoring equipment?
  • How long/complex is your supply chain, and where are you located in it? How vertically integrated is your business? Can you exert control over all parts of the supply chain or only parts of it?
  • Are your products or data vulnerable to interference? What protective systems and procedures (ex: data encryption) do you currently have in place to prevent this? Again, you should think “worst case scenario” here.

Trust Absolute Automation for Flexible Solutions

Regardless of the scale and complexity of your temperature monitoring needs, we have solutions that will work for each of your facilities, buildings, and worksites. We carry the top brands in the industry, with features such as:

  • Automated temperature logging and record-keeping to facilitate compliance and reporting
  • Reliability, accuracy, and sensitivity
  • Sizes to suit any setting
  • Varying levels detection, from simple temperature monitoring to sensors for doors that are accidentally left open, motion detectors to alert you to unusual activity at the site, and power monitors that indicate when your equipment is drawing more or less power than it should be, indicating a malfunction
  • Boiler and HVAC system monitoring
  • Your choice of reporting channels (telephone, email, text, automatic cloud upload, on-site alarms) depending on your communications infrastructure and your security requirements
  • The ability to tie new equipment in with existing systems
  • Scalability to match your company’s growth

Absolute Automation has been in the business for over 30 years. We’ve grown along with the industry, and we’re on top of the most important technological advances, ensuring that our inventory includes the latest monitoring technology. We offer free shipping for orders over $99 and ongoing tech support for all our products. Explore our complete range of temperature monitoring and alarm systems as well as our freezer alarms. For questions and other support, contact us Monday through Friday; we’re here to help you keep your business in optimal condition for success.