DoorBird IP Video Door Station Upgrade for D201 / D202, Stainless Steel V2A

DoorbirdSKU: D1101UV



With the DoorBird D1101UV IP VIDEO DOOR STATION, you can answer your door from anywhere with ease. It is the perfect replacement for D201 AND D202.


Answer From Anywhere:

With this door station, you can take audio and video calls on your iOS or Android smart device, as well as on IP and landline phones. You will have access to real-time audio and video communication optimized for devices connected to WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G.


Clear Audio And Video:

The door station's ultra-wide-angle hemispheric lens allows you to see 180°. The 4D motion sensor technology allows for sensing up to 6m and is adjustable on the DoorBird App.


At nighttime, you can still use the camera thanks to the 12 built-in infrared LEDs, along with the sensitive light sensor for night vision mode.


Easy Replacement For D201 And D202:


The D1101UV makes it easy to upgrade your DoorBird D201 and D202 devices. Just remove the front panel with the main electrical unit with the D1101UV.


Immediately take advantage of a: larger camera angle with a 200° hemispherical lens, along with a higher image resolution of 1080p. It also features the latest sensor technology by using a 4D motion sensor with a distance configuration. This station uses a more powerful speaker and has a more classy and discreet design than its predecessors.


Works With Your Lifestyle:


D1101UV is easy to install. Plus, you can easily control one door or gate with the DoorBird app.


You can set up a trigger relay, and for example, use automatic door release from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 4 pm when the call button is pressed, or you can set it up so the 4D motion sensor switches on the external lamp between 9 pm and 6 am.


The door station offers automatic door buzzing for business offices and other applications, and the geofencing feature allows automatic door and gate opening.


Compatible With Your Smart Home:

This door station features a local interface for integration with third-party and SIP. It is compatible with a wide variety of smart home systems and NVRs, including Control4, Loxone, Crestron, Synology, and AVM FRITZ!Fon, URC, QNAP, RTI, ELAN, Fibaro, Bang & Olufsen and others.


D1101UV Features:

  • Take audio and video calls from wherever you are on an iOS, Android device, IP or Landline phones
  • Smart transmission mode allows for real-time audio and video that is optimized for mobile devices connected to WiFi, 3G, 4G, and 5G
  • Built-in mic provides clear audio with noise reduction and echo cancellation features
  • HDTV video with an ultra-wide-angle 180-degree hemispheric lens
  • Built-in 12 built-in infrared LEDs and night vision modes with light sensor
  • 4D motion sensor with a distance up to 6m - adjustable via DoorBird app
  • Quick and easy to install via QR code
  • Easily connects to the network using s simple network cable or bell wire via 2-wire ethernet PoE converter
  • Automatic door buzzer for an office environment
  • Call button features backlit nameplates
  • Free visitor history with still image storage and optional video recording
  • Ability to set individual action schedules
  • Bistable latching relay- control one door or app through the DoorBird app
  • Status configurable through the app - temporary or permanent circuit
  • Geofencing allows for automatic door and gate opening when returning home
  • Has the ability to store still images for free, with the option of video recording
  • Smart Home & NVR compatible
  • Open API - Local interface for integration with third-party systems and SIP

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