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Sensaphone 2.8K Ultra Low Temperature Sensor in Glycol Vial with Teflon Cable
Save $16.50
Sensaphone Duct Mount Air Flow Transmitter
Save $59.90
Sensaphone 4-20mA Outdoor Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitter
Sensaphone 4-20mA Duct Mount Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitter
Sensaphone Dual Set Back Thermostat (TH141HC-28-B/U)
Save $22.90
Sensaphone Duct Mount 4-20mA Humidity Sensor
Save $41
Sensaphone Express II Output Card Slot 2
Save $1
Sensaphone FGD-0071 24VDC Power Supply for 4-20mA Sensors
Save $123.50
Sensaphone IMS Temperature Sensor with F Display
Save $174.50
Sensaphone EMS7600 Stratus EMS Monitoring System
Save $1.75
Sensaphone FGD0107TEFNIST Temperature Sensor
Save $149.50
Sensaphone SCD-PRO-CD Sentinel Pro in NEMA4X Enclourse, Clear Door
Sensaphone FGD-WSG30-DRY WSG Wireless Dry Contact Sensor
Save $1.99
Sensaphone FGD-WSG30-PWR WSG Wireless Power Failure Sensor
Save $2.59
Sensaphone FGD-WSG-30420 WSG Wireless 4-20mA Interface
Save $2.64
Sensaphone FGD-WSG30-ZONE WSG Wireless Water Rope Zone Sensor
Save $6
Sensaphone SAT4D One Year of Communication Service

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