Sure Action HA2 Multipurpose 2-Zone Processor

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Sure Action HA2 2-Zone Multipurpose Processor (For Pulsors or P500 Probes)

The Sure Action HA2 processor is a two channel processor for security and automation applications, for use with Sure Action sensing Pulsors and P500 driveway probes. The new HA2 is a two channel processor that can handle up to 8 x ENHP Pulsors, or up to 2 x P500 magnetic driveway sensor probes.

  • When used with Sure Action Pulsors, the HA2 can detect the unique signature of people walking on stairs, floor joists, roofs, fire escapes and more. The output of the HA2 processor can trigger a security or automation system when someone walks near the sensor. Pulsors may be used indoors or outdoors.
  • When used with a single driveway probe, the processor can be used to trigger an alert, security or automation system when a vehicle or metal object moves in any direction.
  • When used with two P500 driveway probes, the processor can be used to trigger an alert, security or automation system when a vehicle or metal object moves in one direction while ignoring movement in the other direction.

Automation applications include turning lights on when someone enters a room or walks in to a closet, turning on lights when someone approaches or walks up or down stairs, when they walk in to a hall or front hall area. When used with a driveway probe, lights can turn on when vehicles drive by, or an alert can be made.

When compared to motion sensors, pulsors are much more targeted, allowing for much more precise activation.

When the pulsor(s) or driveway probe(s) activate the processor, a form C relay triggers. The output of this relay will connect to the automation or security system trigger.

Note: The HA2 is *NOT* compatible with P8000 or Legacy probes

Sure Action HA2 Processor Specifications

  • New version, replaces older SU111 processor
  • Compatible with Sure Action pulsors (ENHP) or P500 or P500 driveway probes.
  • Two channels
  • Supports up to 8 processors, or up to 2 P500 probes or a single P500 probe
  • Operating Voltage - 12V (power supply not included)
  • Green LED for local visible alert
  • Pulsors and probes sold separately

Sure Action HA2 Processor Support

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