Drive Thru Alarm

Avoid customer disappointment by installing our very popular entry alert system. Detect the motion of moving metal objects and never have a customer left waiting or missed again.

Mier Driveway Alarm

Mier DA-500 for Drive Thru Applications

The DA-500 Drive Alert Vehicle Detection System is mounted easily in your place of business. By a simple adjustment at the control box, the sensitivity of the sensor’s operating range and the length of sound time for the electronic whistle can be changed. The controller has a built-in whistle and a relay output to connect to remote whistles or other accessories.

The Drive Alert works by sensing the motion of a metal object that passes within about eight feet of the buried metal sensor probe. When a car, truck, or other object passes the sensor, a signal is sent through the burial cable to the control panel which activates a small whistle to alert you of customers.

mier driveway alarm

Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 for Drive Thru Applications (Wireless!)

Or install a similar system but one which operates wirelessly! Simply mount the magnetic sensing probe beside the area the vehicles will be travelling past. The probe is connected via an included 50' length of wire to a transmitter box which easily mounts on any tree, post, pole etc.. When the probe detects a vehicle a wireless signal will be sent from the transmitter back to the chime receiver plugged in inside. The system has an incredible wireless range of up to 2500' making standard drive thru's a breeze for transmission!

wireless drive thru sensor purchase dakota alert dcpa-2500