WaterCop Classic Large Valve Interface

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WCDNM WaterCop Classic LARGE VALVE Interface

The WaterCop Classic system provides a robust and reliable water leak detection and automatic shut off system for home, cottage, office, business or commercial properties.

This version is specifically for WaterCop 1 1/2" and 2" Large Valves.

Unlike lower cost solutions, WaterCop uses an industrial grade automated valve combined with one or more wireless leak sensors to protect your property from costly water damage caused by water leaks. Upon detecting water from the sensor(s) WaterCop will quickly close the main supply valve, cutting off the flow of water.

WaterCop has an output that can be connected to an auto dialer, security and automation system. Or you can use it to trigger a light or buzzer. (see manual for details). 

Sold separately, the new SmartConnect WiFi adapter may be added to provide remote access and notifications to a smart phone.

This is the interface only. You will need to add the valve, sensor(s), accessories.

To Build a WaterCop LARGE VALVE Automatic Water Shut Off System You Need:

  • WaterCop valve controller (this part) WCDNM
  • WaterCop Large Valve & Actuator combo, see below
  • One or more Single Probe (WCDFS1) or Dual Probe (WCDFS2) wireless water sensors. Add as many as you need.


The following large valve/actuators are compatible:
  • WCEHH27ATE25H  1-1/2" Brass Valve/Actuator
  • WCEHH28ATE25H  2" Brass Valve/Actuator
  • WCECP27Z5E22H   1-1/2" PVC Valve/Actuator
  • WCECP28Z5E22H    2" PVC Valve/Actuator


You may optionally add:

      • RS100 Wall Control Switch - provides remote open/close control.
      • WCDR Wireless Repeater - for extra large installations requiring large distances to sensors
      • WPA Plug-in power supply for sensors (otherwise sensors are battery powered)

Note: Professional installation is required to ensure proper protection. Water must touch one of the active sensors to trigger shut-off so ensure the water sensors are placed where water will flow if a leak starts!


WCDNM WaterCop Classic Large Valve Interface Specifications

      • Automatic shut off valve - supports WaterCop 1 1/2" and 2" valve/actuator (not included)
      • Supports an unlimited number of wireless sensors
      • Ambient temperature 35° to 105° F
      • Voltage 12 VDC using included plug in power supply
      • WCDNM

WCDNM Includes

      • 1 x WaterCop Classic Large Valve Interface


* You will need to add a valve, sensors, accessories to complete the system.


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