Driveway Alarm

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Driveway Alarms

The driveway is the point where most visitors or intruders will enter your property.  Protect this entrance with a driveway alarm.   Installed at your driveway or property entrance, you'll get an alert immediately when someone approaches.  These alerts can be used for residential, cottage, home, farm or business applications.

Our driveway alert systems are professional grade, many of which are made in USA!  Don't trust your security to the low cost systems that may flake out when you need them the most.  Choose from wired or wireless systems, with stationary or portable alert receivers.

Our entry alert systems can also be used to monitor other areas such as your shop entrance, garage, tool or garden shed. They can also be deployed as a pool alert - notifying you if anyone nears your pool regardless of the season. Alarms can also be positioned to alert you if someone approaches your parked RV or boat.

Property sensors will monitor your property for visitors or unwanted intruders - notifying you immediately. Sensors are available using motion sensors, buried vehicle probes, or drive-over rubber hose styles. When the sensor is triggered, it can sound a chime or siren, call a phone number, send a text to your cell phone, turn on lights, trigger a camera or page a handheld receiver.

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